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Hey there, my name is Samia.  I've worked in the field of education for twenty years.  I have a Masters degree in Teaching (K-6) from the School of Education at VCU.  Over the course of two decades, I've taught in public, private and charter schools.  I've helped tutor students from affluent, uniformed all girls academy as well as serving as a Title 1 teacher in underprivileged settings kindergarten through fifth graders. 


I'm a mom to two sweet boys, an elementary and middle schooler, that often remind me to stop using my teacher voice and hacks at home.  I love finding little moments to enforce independence and encourage curiosity-- whether it's over cleaning up dinner plates or noting the patterns all around us.  


I am here for parents and caregivers facilitate an engaging, enjoyable and easy plan to educating their children, especially amidst these chaotic times where parents may have to decide between virtual learning and in person learning. 

About Me

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